In 1997, Giovanni, together with his sons Carlo and Gian Luca, continued the great jeweller family tradition with a modern approach in step with the times, establishing the company "CARLO LUCA della QUECIA".

It was Carlo, who after studying in New York at the GIA and NY University and Gian Luca, who finished his artistic training in Milan and London, who were able to give a contemporary meaning to their illustrious tradition in the search for a particular style in the jewellery world.

The archives of "Carlo Luca della Quercia" still keep both the designs and the casts that in the past allowed the creation of beautiful examples of jewellery, from art deco style of the early twenties, to the more elaborate forms of the thirties, from floral bouquets of the forties, to the Eastern style snake bracelets of the fifties, endowed with the power of an ancient amulet.

It is with this "Sanctuary" spirit of the jewellery world that Carlo and Gian Luca interpret the ancient with an eye to the future, being able to give a pleasantly contemporary interpretation to jewellery manufactured by them that can be found at the most exclusive jewellers worldwide.

One of the features that makes "Carlo Luca della Quercia" exclusive is the ability to continue to create within the company, jewellery collections that are always new and works carried out at the request of extremely demanding and sophisticated customers.

It is with sincere pride that high quality world famous jewellery Brands turn to the "Carlo Luca della Quercia" laboratory when they need to design and manufacture jewellery or valuables for satisfying requests for "exclusive and particular" objects.

As a partial completion of the information relating to the serious and fruitful work carried out by the Illario family, it would definitely give further prestige to mention the names of great jewellers with whom, in the past and still today, we maintain working relationships, but we believe that discretion is an important element in our industry, so we just say that we continue to work with the most prestigious jewellers in the world.


White snake bracelet

It is composed of "extensible" bracelets of different lengths with one or more coils. They are all manufactured entirely by hand, each individual piece is linked to the next by retractable pins and with the introduction of two gold springs inside which extend in the opposite direction between them, they contribute to give the maximum extension to the bracelet giving it a distinctive uniqueness on the market. Snake bracelets can be all gold, hot enamel gold in different colour shades, gold coated with mother of pearl and gold clad with wood. All models can be further decorated with pavé-set precious stones.


animal rings

To view in detail the most important items that make up our collection, please visit the dedicated section.

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